What If The Devil Didn’t Exist

What kind of a world would we have if the devil didn’t exist?
Who would people turn to in order to blame their misguided behavior, errors, sins, transgressions, everything they did wrong?
What would God do without such an adversary to play with, or fight against?
What would Satanists do without Satan to worship?
What would become of evil if there was no Grand Master of Evil to orchestrate it?
Would we have heaven on earth, and would hell simply not exist anymore?
Don’t we need a hideous hell to contrast the beauty of heaven?
Doesn’t religion require the contrast of a benevolent deity and an insidious devil?
Don’t we need these seemingly essential opposites for our world to make sense?
Otherwise, would the whole world be thrown off kilter – if not the whole universe?
Or are these just idiotic questions based on idiotic dogmas?

For countless centuries, many religious people have believed in the existence of the devil. According to them, we live in a world where the devil apparently rules our lives, decides our fate, and steers us into the wrong direction. But let me ask, what if the devil didn’t exist? Then what?

If the devil amounts to no more than religious fear tactics created by dangerous dogmatists, manipulating believers into salvation, than I’d say this shallow creature has no legs to stand on, being just a two-dimensional puppet of religious zealots to sell their wares.

There are certain traditions and many religious individuals who simply do not believe in the devil. They believe this ominous caricature is a myth created by dogmatists who have misunderstood ancient allegorical religious literature or sacred scriptures or orally passed down stories. But more than that, these people needed to blame a particular entity for causing evil in the world and in their lives. But did it ever occur to them what life would be like without such a mischievous devil? Would they feel an empty spot in their hearts, or what? Would they no longer have the pleasure of trembling in fear for such a devilish being? Would they have no one to blame for their erroneous ways? Nobody except themselves?

Those that think “the devil made me do it” are looking for a scapegoat, a way to get off the hook for their own screw-ups. But it doesn’t work that way, folks! Spiritually mature people realize that they create their own errors and grievances, that it’s their own lower nature tempting them to stumble. But when you stumble, you get right back up and try again. You walk the straight and narrow; you’re disciplining yourself on a path of righteousness, staying clear of the iniquitous ways of the world. There is the old philosophy that you can turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones; in essence this means we learn from our mistakes.

Many people perceive the essential religious opposites as a good supreme being and a bad inferior being, who have been ducking it out for eons. But is this a myth, an allegory, or a reality? This is little different than the scenario of an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, both tugging at the person to do what’s right or to do what’s wrong. Truth is we all have free choice; we can freely choose to do good or to do bad. The untamed ego which lusts for materialism is the real manifestation of what religious people call the devil. And the purged and purified tamed ego is attuning itself with God. This is the yin and yang of it all.

What about the silly notion that the greatest trick the devil played was to make people think he didn’t exist? I’m sorry, but since vanity is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, the vainest being in the world would be the devil, I would think. If the devil created and inspired vanity in people, wouldn’t he himself reflect this non-virtuous trait? Satan would desire plenty of recognition, especially from those that would follow him into iniquity, since he bamboozles the naïve suckers that it’s perfectly all right to keep sinning, to get away with anything, even murder. Yes, you can do or get away with anything you want! Isn’t this a kind of exciting yet twisted paradise in its own right? So who needs heaven?

I believe his arrogance would make him want to be known by everyone. Plus he would thrive on people’s quivering fear, which gives him power over them. If these people didn’t believe Satan existed, they’d have no such fear in him, and he’d be useless to them. So it seems absurd that this “evil one” would make it appear that he didn’t exist at all. It would be his downfall. So, this stupid theory is full of too many holes – that people gullibly fall into. Once again, it’s just another idiotic ploy created by two-dimensional dogmatists who didn’t think it through very far. After all, they created this insane dogma – didn’t they?

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