Neighbors From Hell

Neighbourhood Bullies

Probably most decent people have experienced or at least have heard about the effects that a bully targeting you from within your immediate neighbourhood has on his or her victims. The law tends to close its eyes to complaints as police are at a loss to know who is telling the truth and the courts need hard evidence of criminal activity before it condemns the accused.

Mischief Makers

That lets bullies out. They can create their mischief in secret at any time night or day and mostly with things that are completely unexpected. Such as letting a loud fire cracker off under your window or chucking a rock on the roof at 2 or 3 a.m. You fly out of bed with heart pounding thinking something has exploded within your house and then lie awake for most of the night in panic.

Your garden suffers unbelievably as his or her focus shifts to stealing your plants, smashing your pots, taking away tools and harvesting your vegetables that you worked hard all summer producing.

Every action of this nature is stressful and the intimidation felt keeps you inside for most of the time. You don’t want to confront the abuser again as an attack previously led to you being called unprintable names and threats sent you into another panic attack. So what do you do?

If you have lived in the place for a long time and have friends and support in the area you probably don’t want to move. You might also have children who attend a local school and who are being also abused and intimidated by your neighbour and the kids.

No Help from The Law

The police are useless although they attend every time you call them. Getting the evidence, such as pictures of such an offence, proves impossible. The way to treat them, therefore, is possibly by changing the law to allow registers to be publicly displayed and for such criminals to be treated in the same way as paedophiles are.

The stress and shocks received at their hands can and does drive people to suicide. Others might die of a heart attack and many will move rather than continue to deal with it. The consequences can and do change people’s lives as well as their relationship with family members and neighbours.

Having put up with this kind of behaviour from one of my neighbours it is not without experience that this report has been written.

There is no escape from the Neighbour Bullies it seems unless you catch them in the act of damaging your property, have a recording of their threats or you move.

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