Is A Curse Destroying My Love Life?

Many people wake up to find that their happy relationships have begun to crumble seemingly overnight. While there are ordinary causes for such a thing there are hidden causes as well. And these hidden causes crop up more frequently than most people are aware of. Many curses are designed to strike out at relationships, keep people from finding love and hurt people emotionally rather than physically.

Speed and timing are good indicators that a curse is at play. With the exception of large, obvious events people do not typically break up overnight. Rather, the relationship manifests signs that things are heading badly long before the breakup actually occurs. However, if you experience a sudden breakup with no warning that should raise red flags. Clearly something out of the ordinary has happened. And if it hasn’t happened in the physical world, or it doesn’t quite fit, there is very likely a better spiritual explanation for it. When a curse is cast it can break up a relationship immediately. Therefore, immediate, sudden breakups should at least be examined to see if they have a spiritual cause.

The tone and nature of the breakup is important. If there is more hostility than you should expect from such a breakup it can indicate that a curse is in play. Even if two people have fallen out of love with each other it does not necessarily bring extreme dislike and animosity. When that dislike occurs suddenly and extremely, out of the blue and not proportional to the breakup, it can be an indicator of a relationship curse. Many curses work to put animosity and hatred between two people as well as to break them up.

Similarly, if the breakup is not bad enough it might be a symptom of a curse! As odd as this sounds, a curse may be working to break things up permanently and as quickly as possible. In many cases these can be the most mild breakups. If your partner suddenly leaves and exhibits little emotional distress or attachment this can be a clear symptom of a curse as well.

Is the breakup accompanied by other misfortune? Many curses are not specific to one area of life. Some may target romance and love strictly, but others will attack your life in general. They therefore may impact your relationships, your finances and even your physical health. The worst curses can cause divorces and death. If you have experienced a sudden breakup followed by other inexplicable misfortunes such as accidents, loss or illness it could be that a curse is at work here as well. At the very least it is something worth considering.

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